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Mar 30, 2020


Welcome to Aquatics at Rising Phoenix Fitness, your ultimate destination for water-based fitness activities. Here at Hempfield recCenter, we understand the importance of building a healthy lifestyle, and our aquatics programs are designed to help you achieve just that. Join our community and discover the numerous benefits of exercising in water.

The Benefits of Aquatics

Aquatics offers a multitude of advantages, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a fun and effective fitness routine. Some key benefits include:

  • Low-impact exercise: Water provides a gentle resistance that reduces stress on your joints, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Full-body workout: Engaging in various water-based activities works your entire body, helping you build strength and endurance.
  • Cardiovascular health: Swimming and other aquatic exercises enhance heart health, improving circulation and stamina.
  • Improved flexibility: The buoyancy of water allows for enhanced range of motion, promoting flexibility and reducing muscle stiffness.
  • Rehabilitation: Aquatic therapy can aid in recovery from injuries, providing a safe environment for rehabilitation exercises.

Aquatics Programs and Classes

At Rising Phoenix Fitness, we offer a wide range of aquatics programs to suit all ages and fitness levels:

Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim or enhance your skills with our expert instructors. From beginners to advanced swimmers, we have classes tailored to your specific needs.

Aqua Aerobics

Dive into our energizing aqua aerobics classes, designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, build strength, and increase overall endurance.

Water Zumba

Experience the excitement of dance while enjoying the benefits of water resistance. Our water Zumba classes combine fitness and fun for an exhilarating workout.

Aqua Therapy

If you're recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition, our aqua therapy sessions can help accelerate your rehabilitation process under the guidance of experienced therapists.

Why Choose Rising Phoenix Fitness

As a trusted name in the health and fitness industry, Rising Phoenix Fitness stands out from the competition in several ways:

Professional Trainers

Our certified aquatic trainers bring years of experience and expertise to ensure you receive top-notch guidance and support throughout your fitness journey.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Hempfield recCenter is equipped with modern amenities, including heated pools, advanced water filtration systems, and comfortable changing rooms, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for your aquatic endeavors.

Community Atmosphere

Join our vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts who share your passion for leading a healthy lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a supportive and friendly environment that fosters personal growth and achievement.

Customized Programs

At Rising Phoenix Fitness, we understand that each individual has unique goals and preferences. That's why we offer personalized aquatic programs tailored to your specific needs to ensure optimal results.

Discover the Benefits of Aquatics Today

Ready to take the plunge and experience the transformative power of aquatics? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced swimmer, Hempfield recCenter and Rising Phoenix Fitness have everything you need to embark on your water-based fitness journey. Join our aquatics programs and unlock a world of health, wellness, and belonging.

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The aquatics programs have become a part of my weekly routine. They're just that good!
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I used to struggle with finding ways to stay active, but aquatics at Rising Phoenix Fitness has been a game changer.
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