Sweaty Palms Treatment: Finding Relief at Neumark Surgery

Jan 19, 2024


Welcome to Neumark Surgery, the premier destination for individuals seeking effective treatment for sweaty palms. Our team of highly skilled doctors and experienced plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and innovative solutions for this often challenging condition. Whether you're seeking relief from excessive sweat or want to improve your quality of life, Neumark Surgery has the expertise and resources to help.

Understanding Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms, medically known as palmar hyperhidrosis, is a condition characterized by excessive sweating of the palms. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, it can significantly impact individuals' daily lives, creating social discomfort and affecting both personal and professional interactions.

At Neumark Surgery, we recognize the physical and emotional burden that sweaty palms can impose. That's why we offer a range of advanced treatment options to alleviate the symptoms and improve the overall well-being of our patients.

Treatment Options at Neumark Surgery

BOTOX® Injections

One of the most effective and commonly used treatments for sweaty palms is BOTOX® injections. This procedure involves injecting small amounts of botulinum toxin into the affected areas to temporarily block the nerve signals responsible for excessive sweating. BOTOX® injections are safe, minimally invasive, and provide long-lasting relief, typically lasting several months.


Neumark Surgery also offers iontophoresis as a non-invasive treatment option. This therapy involves immersing the hands in a tray filled with water while a low electrical current is passed through. This process helps to temporarily block the sweat glands, reducing sweat production. Iontophoresis is a convenient option that can be performed in our state-of-the-art medical centers under the guidance of our experienced medical professionals.

MEDICAL Spa Treatments

For individuals seeking a more relaxing approach, Neumark Surgery's medical spa offers a range of treatments dedicated to reducing excessive sweating. Our spa services provide a soothing and therapeutic experience while targeting the underlying causes of sweaty palms. From specialized hand treatments to relaxing massages, our experts can tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Neumark Surgery?

When it comes to finding the right treatment for sweaty palms, it's crucial to select a trusted and reputable medical center. Neumark Surgery stands out for several key reasons:

  • Expert Doctors: Our team of doctors consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in treating palmar hyperhidrosis. They stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field and are dedicated to providing the best care possible.
  • Experienced Plastic Surgeons: Our plastic surgeons have a deep understanding of the physiological aspects of sweat glands and can offer targeted treatments to provide effective, long-lasting results.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Neumark Surgery operates top-notch medical centers equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced facilities, ensuring the highest quality of care for our patients.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We believe in a patient-centered approach, tailoring treatment plans to suit individual needs. Our experts take the time to understand your specific condition and goals to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment option.


Sweaty palms can significantly impact your confidence and quality of life, but with the right treatment, relief is within reach. Neumark Surgery offers a comprehensive range of treatment options for sweaty palms, including BOTOX® injections, iontophoresis, and medical spa treatments. Our team of expert doctors and plastic surgeons are committed to helping you find effective and long-lasting solutions.

Don't let sweaty palms hold you back any longer. Contact Neumark Surgery today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a sweat-free future.

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